Auguri Di Buon Viaggio E Citazioni Per Una Persona Cara


Fate fare un bel viaggio ai vostri amici, familiari e cari con questi auguri e citazioni sul viaggio.

Have a Nice Journey Wishes

Do have a Nice Journey Wishes for that Special Person in your Life.

1. With all of my heart, I pray you have a nice journey to and fro.

2. My prayers are with you as you go on this journey. Have a nice trip, dear.

3. No matter what will happen on this journey, you shall surely have a nice journey.

4. I wish you the safest of journeys ever. Have a safe trip, dear.

Have a Nice Journey Quotes

5. This journey shall end in testimonies, in Jesus name.

6. This shall be a journey to remember, friend. Have a nicest journey to and fro.

7. No matter what comes your way, you shall have this journey nice! Safe trip from me to you.

8. I wish you all the best of this voyage. Bon Vonage, dear.

9. The Good Lord shall see you through this journey. It will end in Praise. See ya!

10. I pray safety on your way, and so shall it be for you now and forever. Amen.

11. Have a nice trip, buddy! Stay safe and get me the usual goodies on your way back.